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About PossAbilities


I choose the Spirit of the Butterfly for this web site for its strong but gentle medicine,

and for all those who yearn for healing and support in their healing journey.

~ Anne Belohorec, PossAbilities Wholistic Health ~

I believe that everyone can potentially heal. I believe that love is the most powerful healer. 

My life purpose is to lovingly hold space for healing and transformation.

In my early years I traveled with my parents and growing family to live in far north Canadian outposts before settling in Whitehorse Yukon for my school years. We lived connected to nature and the culture of Canada’s First Nations people.


I learned a lot from the colorful “free spirit” people and teachers who were attracted to life in northern communities and I credit their influence with giving me the ability to think beyond the ordinary when I needed to adapt to changes in life.

I moved to Edmonton area to become a registered nurse and worked at the Cross Cancer Institute for ten years.  During this time I married and had three children. We settled in Sherwood Park and lived the life of a busy young family.

Life swiftly changed for me and my family following a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis when my children were two, four and five. Rapid disease progression left me immobile, wearing a neck collar, back braces and dependent on an electric wheelchair for the next fifteen years. 


The loss of my job, driver’s license, ability to walk or use my arms, and temporarily bald from an experimental chemotherapy was devastating and I wondered in my confusion and pain “who am I?”

But l quickly realized that life would go on with or without me and I made a choice to move forward and adapt. The needs of my children kept me going and I learned different ways of doing things. I am forever grateful to relatives, community organizations, friends and neighbors who helped care for me and my children, who befriended and supported me during those difficult years.

I chose to be of service where possible.


I volunteered at the school next door and became active in a number of disability organizations, including the Multiple Sclerosis Society, Easter Seals and the Premier’s Council on the Status of Persons with Disabilities. I belonged to the committee that started the first disability transportation system in Sherwood Park.


I became a writer, speaker and educator on issues related to disabilities. I also took classes through Athabasca University in counseling, sociology and anthropology of medicine.

In 1995, I was honoured with the James D Wolfensohn Award from the International Federation of MS Societies and had the wonderful experience of speaking to the world neurological conference in Jerusalem. 


In 1996, I received one of Edmonton’s Salute to Excellence awards.  I was awarded one of the Queens Golden Jubilee medallions from the Canadian Multiple Sclerosis Society in 2003, and the Alberta Division’s 25th anniversary year Client Services awards in 2005, as well as one of the Alberta Centennial Medals that year.

The disease stabilized and I got a bit stronger but did not recover until I began to explore complementary therapies in 1993. Actually, they found me -- I would not have known what to look for at that time.


This was the beginning of a healing journey that continues to this day and reminds me that the universe has a plan for me.


My healing included some traditional medical therapies, complementary therapies and bodywork , counseling and spiritual healing.


I took my first step in 1995 and nearly four years later, left my wheelchair for good. I am deeply grateful  for my healers and all who assisted this process. I saw my children graduate high school from my wheelchair, but I stood beside them at their weddings. I learned many valuable life lessons through this process, though the price was high. 


My workshops and presentations describe the process of my healing experience and the paradigms of illness and health that were most helpful to me. I am happy to share the teaching of my journey with others.

I chose to become a Wholistic Health Practitioner, first studying some of the modalities that helped me, then learning other therapies through the years.


My company is PossAbilities Wholistic Health and I truly love my work. It feels like all the best of nursing, but a quieter setting where I can work individually with people or families.

I feel honored to be of service in this way.

I am an advanced craniosacral therapist (both adult and pediatric), advanced lymphatic drainage therapist, andI am a reiki and touch for health practitioner. I have more recently completed a two and a half year course in Energy Medicine with the 8th Fire training school.


I add these treatments to my other modalities and offer Shamanic Healing journeys at various locations.

I am totally enjoying my better second half of life, spending time with eight grandchildren doing things I couldn’t do with my children. I treasure these times.  I enjoy travel, meeting new people and experiencing other cultures, yoga, Continuum Movement and walking. 


Since June of 2018, I can now run for the first time since my illness (this has its own story), reminding me that all things are possible.

Certifications, credentials and associations


NHPC  (Natural Health Practitioners of Canada)

IAHP (International Association of Healthcare Practitioners)

IAHE (International Alliance of Healthcare Educators)

Registered Nurse (Retired)

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