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Butterfly is opening up to what you don't know... 

Surrendering to what you don't know and healing.

~ From the teachings of Peter Bernard, Algonquin Medicine Man ~

At this time, I am offering guided healing journeys.


The 8th Fire Energy Medicine and Spiritual Healing  (Shamanic)

  • Shamanic medicine means earth based medicine

  • Shamanic healing is focused more of the cause of a problem rather than symptom management

  • These treatments can be done inter-connectedly (by distance)

  • Some examples of treatments or healing ceremonies are:

    • Journeys for individuals or groups (see events for dates already scheduled)

    • Cord cutting

    • Akashik records

    • Space clearing

    • Extracting crystalized energy

    • Chakra balancing and clearing

Be in touch to inquire about these other healing therapies.

Craniosacral therapy  - Upledger Institute International

  • Advanced - specialties are immune system and palliative care

  • Pediatrics

  • Brain curriculum

  • Lymphatic drainage therapy – advanced

  • Multi-hands (see events for dates already scheduled)

Energy therapies including therapeutic touch and reiki

Illness is the experience of living through the disease. If disease talk measures the body, illness talk tells of the fear and frustration of being inside a body that is breaking down. Illness begins where medicine leaves off, where I recognize that what is happening to my body is not some set of measures. What happens to my body happens to my life. My life consists of temperatures and circulation, but also of the hopes and disappointments, joys, and sorrows, none of which can be measured. In illness talk there is no such thing as the body, only my body as I experience it. Disease talk charts the progression of certain measures. Illness talk is a story about moving from a perfectly comfortable body to one that forces me to ask: “What’s happening to me? “ Not it, but me.

~ By Arthur Frank (1991), At the Will of the Body ~

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