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Guided Visualizations for Healing


Belief system (frame of reference based on a feeling of certainty)

“Remember, as long as you believe something, your brain operates on automatic pilot, filtering out input from the environment and searching for references to validate your belief, regardless of what it is. People with beliefs have such strong levels of certainty that they are often closed off to new input.” 

~ Tony Robbins ~

8th Fire Energy Medicine Journeying is similar to guided imagery meditations but much deeper. Some examples of journeys; some journeys booked for this year.


Journeys allow you to enter into a "non ordinary reality" for the intents and purposes of obtaining information and healing.  It is to leave behind the world we see in day to day reality and peer into the world that is usually invisible, unseen and unknown to most.


We perceive what is there (like the root causes of issues in our lives), and have some experience that gives information, and heals us to understand, heal and evolve.

Is a journey right for you?  Contact me to learn more about journeys and taking a journey that is right for you or your group.

How we do a journey

As the facilitator, I create and hold a sacred and healing space for you.  I explain the journey and its purpose, and I will guide the journey step by step. 

As a participant in a journey, you lie down with comfortable supports (like on a yoga mat with pillows and blankets).  You follow the guided imagery that I offer and do the healing work of the journey.

Contact me to learn more about journeys and taking a journey that is right for you or your group.

Thank you very much for the beautiful journey on Sunday.

You have an amazing, safe, comforting presence that allows for such deep healing.

~ Christina, participant in one of Anne's journeys

Examples of journeys
Power retrieval

This is a journey where you will get back all the power that you believe was taken from you in your life by people, places, events or situations.  You follow the guided steps to clear all the impediments to the return of power. You feel the energy of power returning and more.  This a good first journey for beginners.

Awakened heart

In the reality of life we have all put harmful energy out there, either intentionally or unintentionally, towards someone or something.  This journey is to undo the harm we have caused. It calls the energy back and redistributes it in a healthy way. Great healing takes place when there is a sincere desire to use this journey to benefit all life.

Animal totem

Meeting your animal totem brings increased healing resources into your life. An animal totem helps you gain qualities that you need or need more of.  It helps you gain the needed characteristics and medicines of the animal totem to better and more fully live your life.  You know that you are not alone and have help and support around you all the time.


This is a journey to a "parallel world" where you can meet the part of yourself that lives there and has mastered the solution you are looking for and lives it.  You merge energy with the "healed you" and gain those abilities and qualities.

You can journey to the upper world where you can meet a spirit guide and your higher self to gain insight into your life. You will know that you are guided and supported always.

You can journey to the lower world (the subconscious where most issues are) for soul gathering, healing addictions and more.

Contact me to learn more about journeys and taking a journey that is right for you or your group. See journeys offered for this year.

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