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Multi-hands Craniosacral Therapy

By Anne Belohorec

Multi-hands craniosacral therapy is when several therapists work together on one person.  It follows the same therapeutic healing principles as with a single craniosacral therapist.

The same gentle, hands on methods are used.  Your body’s healing wisdom can lead the way for both tissue changes and self-discoveries.

The coordination of gifts and skills of several craniosacral therapists enhances the function of the craniosacral system and general well-being of the client.  This occurs more quickly and more deeply than can be achieved with one therapist.

Individuals receiving multi-hands therapy may experience:

  • Balancing of the central nervous system

  • Release of restrictions in the body

  • Somatoemotional release

  • Release in the layers of soft tissue

  • Release/ease of movement in the cranial and dural membrane system

  • More expansive flow of cerebral spinal fluid

  • Improved immune system function

  • Increased energy

  • Increased range of motion

  • Realignment of structure/posture


Come and experience a session from a place of presence, deeply bonded touch, and focused intention from multiple and experienced craniosacral therapists.

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