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The goal of the true warrior is to open their heart in the most vulnerable and unsafe places and circumstances,

and let the pain, the hurt, the darkness touch it, and it be forever transformed into love.

This is how we change the world.

~ From the teachings of Peter Bernard, Algonquin Medicine Man ~

Anne Belohorec

PossAbilities Wholistic Healing


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Throughout our lives we will, we should, feel the pain our losses, the scars still present even after much time has passed.

But we will also feel the strength of our spirit, the ability to persevere in the face of pain.

The power to dream despite the many nightmares of existence.

The stamina to push forward into the future carrying the past with us all the while.

This is the power of God within us.

This is our hope, our salvation.

This is how we begin again.

~ By Naomi Levi in “To Begin Again:  The Journey Toward Comfort, Strength and Faith in Difficult Times” ~

Alfred A Kropp Inc. Random House. New York, 1998

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